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Today's #2 Heating Oil Price: $2.599 per gallon
Action fuel oil corp 


Action Fuel is now offering propane! 

We are committed to providing the lowest possible propane prices for you. At Action Fuel, we offer our customers stable propane prices to ensure they can easily allocate funds for their home's needs. 



Action Fuel is a full service company that offers service for Heating Systems, Air Conditioning Systems, Service Contracts, Budget Plans, and System Start Ups. 
If you are interested in updating your home, please call us for a free estimate! 


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Established in 2000  

about us 

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Action Fuel is a small family owned company that has many of the same conveniences of a larger, more costly fuel company.

Since starting our business over 20 years ago, we've been devoted to providing our customers with the lowest possible fuel prices and HVAC services.

We boast an extensive list of satisfied customers in the Upper Westchester, Putnam, and lower Dutchess counties. 

Your total peace of mind and safety is our top priority. 

Action Fuel Oil Corp is a licensed and insured company.