Action Fuel Oil Corp Place a Delivery! 

Helpful tips 

Has your heating system been acting up lately? 

Action Fuel recommends that your unit is cleaned and serviced once a year to maximize its output! 

Action Fuel recommends keeping your oil tank above 1/4 full at all times. This will ensure no buildup will clog your oil lines. 

If your burner fails to operate: 
  1. Be sure that all the switches are on including oil burner switch, emergency switch, and circuit breaker. 

  2. The thermostat should be set at least 5 degrees above room temperature. 

  3. Make sure there is sufficient oil in the tank. 

  4. Press the relay button on the burner once only. 

  5. Check to see if the flame comes on. 

  6. If burner is not trying to turn on all, check for a blown or lose fuse.

If burner still fails to operate, please call 845-621-5100 for service! 

Helpful tips

How to measure your oil tank 

To measure your oil tank, you will need a measuring stick and an oil tank chart which Action Fuel can provide you with.

First, remove the oil cap to your tank. Find the side of the measuring stick that starts at 0 inches. Put this side of the measuring stick in the oil tank first, and slowly lower it inside the tank until it reaches the bottom. Please be sure that you do not drop the measuring stick into the oil tank as this could cause damage to bottom of the oil tank. Once the measuring stick reaches the bottom, slowly pull out the stick. Read the measuring stick in inches where the oil stops. Use a chart like the one to the left to find out approximately how many gallons are in your tank. Find the size of your tank on the top of the chart, and find the amount of inches your measured on the left of the chart. Match these 2 numbers up and you have the amount of gallons in your tank!